HIP2105-6MBEVAL1Z Evaluation Board

Low Voltage Driver for Synchronous Rectification

The HIP2105-6MBEVAL1Z is an evaluation tool for the HIP2105 and HIP2106A half bridge MOSFET drivers. This tool consists of a mother board and HIP2105DBEVAL1Z or HIP2106ADBEVAL1Z evaluation daughter cards. The mother board platform provides an on board microcontroller that is used to generate appropriate control inputs to the HIP2105 or HIP2106A. The frequency, the PWM duty cycle, and the dead time provided by the microcontroller are user adjustable.

For customers who want to provide their own external signals, the on board controller can be configured to allow the daughter cards to be controlled by externally provided inputs.

The daughter cards can also be used as stand-alone units mounted on a customer designed main board that incorporates customer selected bridge FETs and any other external circuits desired. The daughter cards have optional circuits so that the HIP2105 or HIP2106A can be configured as required by the customer’s application.


  • Adaptive shoot-through protection, HIP2106A only
  • HI/PWM and LI inputs, HIP2105 only
  • 0.4Ω ON-resistance and 4A sink current capability
  • Low tri-state hold-off time (20ns), HIP2106A only after 20ns
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V HI/LI or PWM input
  • Power-On Reset (POR)


  • Wireless chargers
  • High frequency low profile high efficiency DC/DC converters
  • High current low voltage DC/DC converters
  • E-cigarettes

HIP2105-6MBEVAL1Z Evaluation Board

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