Up to 54 MHz operation and built-in remote control receiver and HDMI-CEC for linking to home appliances


The RX634 Group operates at single voltage supply of 3.3 V but also at 5 V and performs at up to 54 MHz CPU clock. The RX634 group memory lineup offers up to 2 MB code flash, 128 KB RAM and 32 KB Data flash embedded. RX634 is available in a 144-pin package. Compared to the RX630 group the RX634 added HDMI-CEC function and Remote Control Signal Receiver function which are typical required features for digital home appliances. At the same time RX634 has been feature optimized by removing CAN, USB and RTC function to suit the market needs even better. Therefore RX634 suits ideally as a multimedia devices group, due to feature set as well as high performance. In addition RX634 group incorporate multi function timer (MTU2) and high speed 12-bit A/D converter enable to hold 3 channels at the same timing, which are typically required for industrial motor control applications.


Key Features:

CPU CPU Maximum operating frequency: 54 MHz, 32-bit RXv1 CPU
FPU Single precision (32-bit) floating point (in conformance with the IEEE754 standard)
Memory Proguram Flash Max 2 MB
Data Flash 32 KB
Clock Main clock oscillator : 20 MHz
low-speed on-chip oscillator : 125 kHz
PLL frequency synthesizer
IWDT-dedicated on-chip oscillator Oscillation stop detection Measuring circuit for accuracy of clock frequency (clock-accuracy check)
Reset RES# pin reset, power-on reset, voltage monitoring reset, watchdog timer reset, independent watchdog timer reset, deep software standby reset, and software reset
Interrupt External 14
Internal 164
External bus expansion 16 MB (CS0 to CS3)
Data transfer function DMA 4 channels
DTC transfer modes: Normal transfer, repeat transfer, and block transfer
Ports I/O 114
Input only 9
Event link controller (ELC) 56 sources
Multi-function pin controller (MPC) Supported
Timers 16-bit timer pulse unit 6 channels x 1 unit
Multifunction timer pulse unit (16-bit x 6 channels) x 1 unit
Programmable pulse generator (4 bits × 4 groups) × 1 unit
8-bit timer 2 channels × 2 units
Compare match timer (16 bits × 2 channels) × 2 units
Watchdog timer 14-bit x 1 channel
Independent watchdog timer 14-bit x 1 channel
Communication functions Serial communications interfaces 13 channels
I2C bus interface 3 channels
Serial peripheral interface 2 channels
CEC transmission / reception circuit 1 channel
Remote control signal receiver 2 channels
Analog A/D Converter 12-bit resolution x (16 channels x 1 unit)
D/A Converter 10-bit resolution x 2 channels
Other features CRC calculator (CRC) CRC code generation for arbitrary amounts of data in 8-bit units
Data Operation Circuit (DOC) Comparison, addition, and subtraction of 16-bit data
On-chip debug Supported E1 emulator (JTAG and FINE interfaces) Supported E20 emulator (JTAG interface)
Power Supply Voltage 2.7 to 3.6 V 4.0 to 5.5 V
Operating ambient temperature -40 to +85°C (products with wide-temperature-range spec.)
Packages 144-pin LQFP (PLQP0144KA-A)

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:

Program Flash


Block Diagram:

RX634 Block Diagram

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CS+ 该集成开发环境(IDE)可用于编码,组装,编译和仿真。CS + 还包括入门套件。
E2 仿真器精简版 该入门级的片上调试仿真器以较低的价格提供与E1仿真器相同的功能。
E2 仿真器 该片上调试仿真器具有先进的功能,可提高开发效率。 除了从调试到闪存编程的基本功能外,还支持热插件和外部触发器作为标准项目。 该仿真器还可以通过高速下载(与E1仿真器相比)来缩短开发时间,并且可以与各种解决方案(例如,对正在开发的系统消耗的电流进行调整)结合使用。
E20 仿真器 当与RX600和RX700 MCU结合使用时,该片上调试仿真器具有增强的调试功能,例如大容量跟踪和实时RAM监视(此仿真器提供的调试功能与其他MCU的E1仿真器相同)。
E1 仿真器 该片上调试仿真器是提供基本调试功能的标准模型(于2019年12月下旬停产)。


Hardware Design Support

Title Description
Resonator Information Please search for your resonator on its manufacturer's site linked below. If you require optimal oscillation circuit constants for your particular system, please ask the manufacturer of the oscillator.

For main clock resonators : 
KYOCERA: Click here for RX634 oscillation evaluation result.
Murata Manufacturing: For IC Manufacturer, select Renesas Electronics, and enter R5F5634 into the IC Part Number search box.

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