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类别: Communication


  • CiA 301 v4.2通信配置文件
  • CiA 401通用I / O模块配置文件
  • CiA 305层设置服务(LSS)和协议

该库允许在主模式或从模式下运行,并与SSP紧密集成, 由ANSI-C编写,可用任何ANSI-C编译器编译。

可添加冗余,Flying Master,CANopen安全和Bootloader模块以实现更多功能。


Synergy Download

CANopen Stack for Synergy from port


Current Public Release

Release Date:2016-11-03

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124

MD5: 6f3b84da7e14b8884352ac011936a280

What's New?

First public release.

Installation Instructions

Please see the User’s Manual and Quick Start Guide.