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类别: Development


  • 一组函数下载器,处理与外部主机,设备或网络的通信,下载并验证新的应用程序。
  • 自举程序,是在MCU上运行的完整自包含映像,在下载后执行应用程序更新PC软件应用程序,有助于固件更新过程。

应用程序项目演示Flashloader的灵活性,并展示了如何轻松集成示例解决方案, 指导开发人员如何查看,配置和定制主要软件组件,并更新示例以适应几乎任何要求。



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Flashloader Add-on and Application Projects


Current Public Release

Release Date:2019-01-02

MCUs Supported:

MD5: 19bba49e621d07209637dc41681a52df

What's New?


This version of Flashloader Add-on and Application Project is intended for SSP v1.3.x only and is currently unsupported on other versions of SSP.


There is no change in the project from the prior version (1.1.1), only the application note document has been updated to clarify that this application project has been released for SSP v1.3.0 only.