The ISL62884CEVAL2Z evaluation board is used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL62884C single-phase synchronous buck PWM VCORE controller, implementing the Intel® IMVP-6™ protocol. The ISL62884C features Renesas' Robust Ripple Regulator (R3™) technology. An on-board dynamic-load generator is included for evaluating the transient-load response. It applies a 300µs pulse of approximately 0.25Ω load across VO and PGND.


  • Precision core voltage regulation
  • Voltage identification input
  • Supports multiple current sensing methods
  • Superior noise immunity and transient response
  • Current monitor
  • Differential remote voltage sensing
  • High efficiency across the entire load range
  • Integrated gate driver
  • Adaptive body diode conduction time reduction
  • User-selectable overshoot reduction function


  • Notebook core voltage regulator
  • Notebook GPU voltage regulator


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