Analog Products

瑞萨的高速运算放大器(运放)产品系列提供同类最佳的性能功耗比以及在全带宽卓越的驱动和转化速率性能。 这使我们的运算放大器成为视频和高速数据传输、A/D 转换缓冲和高频滤波的理想选择。




Analog 101 Webinar

This webinar provides an introductory technical overview of analog signal path products. Signal path products include operational amplifiers, voltage references, digital potentiometers, rs-485/rs-422, data converters, switches, muxes, and real time clocks.


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There are many 12V rails in industrial applications today that need a buck converter to step the voltage down to a lower voltage and deliver up to 14 amps. The ISL85009, ISL85012 and ISL85014 are pin compatible, very efficient and are able to deliver up to 14 amps.