Renesas offers a diverse amplifier portfolio that includes precision/high-speed operational amplifiers (op amps), instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps), differential amplifiers, current feedback amplifiers, fixed gain amplifiers, high-efficiency Class D audio amplifiers, current sense amplifiers, and digital power monitors (DPM). The extensive portfolio of differential amplifiers includes low noise amplifiers, programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers, fixed gain differential amplifiers, single supply video drivers, differential video amplifiers, current feedback amplifiers, unity-gain stable operational amplifiers, differential twisted-pair drivers, rail-to-rail amplifiers, and more.

Renesas also offers analog multipliers for multiplication applications, frequency doubling, power detection, as well as many other configurations, and programmable gain buffers, output current buffers, and video buffers. Our broad portfolio of high-speed PowerFet and CCD drivers provides a range of products that enable digital devices to drive high capacitive loads.


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应用指南 &白皮书
Advanced Complementary Bipolar Processes on Bonded-SOI Substrates (PR40) 白皮书 PDF 159 KB
AN1107: Silicon On Insulator 应用文档 PDF 286 KB
AN1108: Applying Power MOSFET Drivers 应用文档 PDF 236 KB
AN1111: Doubling the Output Current to a Load with a Dual Op Amp 应用文档 PDF 189 KB
AN1145: A Compendium of Application Circuits for Intersil's Digitally-Controlled (XDCP) Potentiometers 应用文档 PDF 384 KB
AN1213: VFA, CFA, Bipolar or CMOS - Which High-Speed Amplifier Is Best for Your Low-Noise Application 应用文档 PDF 425 KB
AN1298: Instrumentation Amplifier Application Note 应用文档 PDF 1.59 MB
AN1299: Measuring RF Interference in Audio Circuits 应用文档 PDF 679 KB
AN1306: Avoid Instability in Rail to Rail CMOS Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 470 KB
AN1307: CAT-5 Video Transmission: Troubleshooting and Equalization 应用文档 PDF 929 KB
AN1308: A Unique Coax Cable Driver Circuit with Common Mode Noise Cancellation 应用文档 PDF 301 KB
AN1309: Feedback Gives Peak Detector More Precision 应用文档 PDF 222 KB
AN1310: Ground Loop Considerations in Long Distance Video Transmission 应用文档 PDF 299 KB
AN1314: Reducing AC Coupling Capacitance in High Frequency Signal Transmission 应用文档 PDF 409 KB
AN1318: Transmitting SXGA Video Signal through 1kft (300m) CAT-5 Cable 应用文档 PDF 459 KB
AN1374: Automatic Digital Cable Compensation for Long Cat-5 Cables 应用文档 PDF 1.40 MB
AN1484: Extending the KVM Video Range to 1.5k Ft 应用文档 PDF 957 KB
AN1556: Building an Accurate SPICE Model for Low Noise, Low Power Precision Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 976 KB
AN1560: Making Accurate Voltage Noise and Current Noise Measurements on Operational Amplifiers Down to 0.1Hz 应用文档 PDF 2.04 MB
AN1561: Radiated Interference in Audio Circuits 应用文档 PDF 556 KB
AN1613: From SPICE Netlist to Allegro Design Sub-Circuit 应用文档 PDF 1.02 MB
AN1685: Development of a Voltage Feedback Spice Op-Amp Macromodel 应用文档 PDF 619 KB
AN1686: Development of a Spice Op-Amp Macro Model for Current-Feedback Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 630 KB
AN1689: Perform Coarse and Fine Correction with Less Costly Dual DCPs 应用文档 PDF 200 KB
AN1690: Electronics Meets the Challenges of Patient Monitors 应用文档 PDF 377 KB
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp 应用文档 PDF 357 KB
AN1700: Video Driving Techniques for Mobile Devices 应用文档 PDF 618 KB
AN1728: Users Guide to Intersil's Online Noninverting Op Amp Designer 应用文档 PDF 1.49 MB
AN1827: High-Side, High Current Sensing Techniques 应用文档 PDF 419 KB
AN1993: Voltage Feedback versus Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 564 KB
AN517: Application of Monolithic Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 1.06 MB
AN519 : Operational Amplifier Noise Prediction 应用文档 PDF 305 KB
AN535: Design Considerations for a Data Acquisition System (DAS) 应用文档 PDF 843 KB
AN548 : A Designers Guide for the HA-5033 Video Buffer 应用文档 PDF 1.43 MB
AN551: Recommended Test Procedures for Operational Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 415 KB
AN9415: Feedback, Op Amps and Compensation 应用文档 PDF 854 KB
AN9420: Current Feedback Amplifier Theory and Applications 应用文档 PDF 585 KB
AN9507: Video Distribution Amplifier Saves Board Space, Increase Bandwidth (EL8108) 应用文档 PDF 245 KB
AN9510: Basic Analog for Digital Designers 应用文档 PDF 508 KB
AN9515: Multiplier Improves the Dynamic Range of Echo Systems 应用文档 PDF 250 KB
AN9523: Evaluation Programs for SPICE Op Amp Models 应用文档 PDF 520 KB
AN9663: Converting From Voltage-Feedback to Current-Feedback Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 405 KB
AN9740: Digital Control Selects The Number of Analog Cycles and Burst Frequency 应用文档 PDF 268 KB
AN9756: Properly Terminating Video Op Amps 应用文档 PDF 230 KB
AN9757: A Cookbook Approach to Single Supply DC-Coupled Op Amp Design 应用文档 PDF 328 KB
AN9787: An Intuitive Approach To Understanding Current Feedback Amplifiers 应用文档 PDF 334 KB
AN9815: Crystal Filter Yields Pure Sine Waves 应用文档 PDF 211 KB
AN9825: Power Crystal Oscillator With Feedback Stabilized Duty Cycle 应用文档 PDF 251 KB
How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers 白皮书 PDF 630 KB
R13AN0005: Cascading Instrumentation Amplifiers for High Gain at High Bandwidth 应用文档 PDF 185 KB
负载电流的测量方法分析 English 白皮书 PDF 436 KB
Auto-Zero Amplifiers: The Ideal Choice for High-Gain Sensor Signal Amplifiers 其他 PDF 296 KB
TB458: Converting a Fixed PWM to an Adjustable PWM 其他 PDF 315 KB
TB462: Simple Circuit Removes Sync Tip 其他 PDF 407 KB
TB471: Detecting the Absences of Video with HSYNC Present 其他 PDF 372 KB
TB483: Video Coax Driver/Rec CMV Rejection to 20V and to 120VAC CMV Using Video Transformer 其他 PDF 447 KB
TB485: Video Cat 5 Receiver w/CMV Rejection 3.5V to 20V and 120AC CMV Using Video Transformer 其他 PDF 843 KB
TB514: Operational Amplifier Basics 其他 PDF 519 KB