SLOC™ (Security Link Over Coax) is a transmission protocol for simultaneously transmitting analog CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable. The TW3801 is the transmitting (“camera”) end of a SLOC link, combining Ethernet digital video data and analog CVBS video into a single SLOC signal that can be transmitted over 500m of coaxial cable. It can be embedded into a camera or configured as a stand-alone IP+CVBS-to-SLOC converter. The TW3801 includes an AFE, digital modem, and two Ethernet MII/RMII interfaces. The device accepts an analog CVBS signal and an Ethernet (R)MII signal and encodes it into a SLOC signal.


  • Simultaneous transmission of IP video data and analog CVBS video over up to 500m of RG59 coaxial cable
  • Analog CVBS video preview support
  • Proprietary adaptive analog equalizer for extending the reach of CVBS video
  • Proprietary SLOC-based IP DVR detection
  • Creates a full-duplex 100BASE-T digital link
  • 36Mbps downlink speed from TW3801 to TW3811
  • 4Mbps uplink for SLOC compliance
  • Ethernet MAC MII/RMII interface for interfacing to Camera ISPs
  • Ethernet PHY MII/RMII interface for interfacing to Ethernet PHY chip
  • I2C 2-wire control interface
  • Integrated PLL with 25MHz crystal interface
  • 1.8V, 3.3V supplies
  • 100-TQFP (12mmx12mm) Package


  • Single-channel SLOC transmitter modem
  • Embedded SLOC camera modem


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Carrier Type MOQ Buy Sample
Active TQFP Tray 119
Active TQFP Reel 1000


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