FreeRTOSTM software platform for RX MCUs: helping to reduce system development times

Renesas FreeRTOS makes it easy to create applications using FreeRTOSTM with Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) and Smart Configurator.


RX Family Renesas FreeRTOS V.1.03 released. The support for GCC compiler started.


  • You can use the open-source FreeRTOSTM real-time OS in developing multi-tasking applications.
  • Take advantage of the hardware by combining the middleware and device drivers we provide with the real-time OS.
  • This package allows you to start using the peripheral functions of RX MCUs at once, and can shorten times taken in considering prototypes.
  • Applications which utilize FIT can be used for all RX-series products, and can reduce the cost of developing software as you expand your product development.
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Released: Apr.20.2020
Download: RX Family Renesas FreeRTOS - Sample Code (r01an4307xx0104) (ZIP | English, 日本語)


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