Renesas' digital isolators aid in the design of discrete isolated power supply designs as well as isolated serial communications interfaces. There is a tremendous need for reliable isolator products in the satellite market. These isolators represent the highest data rate isolators available for radiation hardened applications. Their isolation barrier is made using Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) technology which provides superior isolation and radiation hardness with lower dynamic current consumption; unlike transformer-based isolator technology, there are no EMI concerns; and, GMR is superior to optocoupler-based isolators, as the optics in the optocouplers are susceptible to “greying” or clouding over time due to radiation.

The ISL71610SLHM and ISL71710SLHM bring this isolation function to the customers in the space market, providing up to 600VRMS at 85 °C. The electrical specifications have been characterized over the temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C. These products have been characterized for radiation performance up to 75krad(Si) for Total Ionizing Dose (TID). The ISL71610SLHM and ISL71710SLHM have both been characterized for Singe Event Effects (SEE) up to LET 86MeV•cm2/mg. ISL71610SLHM and ISL71710SLHM also receive flows like QML-V products and follow industry standards for that screening. These products also receive lot assurance testing which includes HTOL, BHAST, Temp Cycle, and other screenings. Additionally, radiation lot assurance testing is performed to the device specification listed in the datasheet.

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Key Features

  • The isolation barrier is made using Giant Magneto Resistive technology
  • Provides superior radiation performance, specifically for Singe Event Effects
  • The technology does not use a frequency matched transformer, resulting in lower EMI
  • Allows for higher throughput and is the highest data rate in the space industry
  • Fully radiation characterized for Low Dose Rate (LDR) and Single Event Latchup/Single Event Burnout (SEL/SEB)
  • The ISL71610SLHM can operate up to 100Mbps and the ISL71710SLHM can operate up to 150Mbps


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