Radiation Hardened Quad Power Supply Sequencer Evaluation Boards


The ISL70321SEH evaluation boards highlight an innovative turn-on and turn-off sequencer solution for multi-voltage space-based applications using Point-of-Load (POL) DC/DC voltage converters. The ISL70321SEHEV1Z platform provides a single IC 4-event evaluation platform, whereas the ISL70321SEHEV2Z provides a dual cascaded IC 8-event evaluation platform. Both evaluation boards are provided on the same PCB design, and are both available from inventory in the desired configuration.

Key Features

  • Jumper enabled for stand alone or POL evaluation
  • Convenient power connection
  • Done indicator
  • Easy interconnectivity with other Intersil boards


  • Power sequencing for multi-rail devices such as FPGAs, DSPs, and communications ICs
  • Power management of high-density distributed power systems and RF applications

ISL70321SEHEVxZ Power Sequencing Eval Board

ISL70321SEHEVxZ Power Sequencing Eval Board


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