Optional board for RZ/A1H peripheral IP evaluation




Note: Function restrictions may apply depending on the method of use. For details, please inquire at time of purchase.

Item Specifications
  • ・R7S72100
  • ・Input (XIN) clock: 13.33 MHz
  • ・Bus clock: Up to 66.67 MHz
  • ・CPU clock: Up to 400 MHz
Audio interface
  • ・R7S72100 connects to audio DAC (AK4353)
CD deck interface
  • ・Renesas serial peripheral interface (RSPI) of the R7S72100 and serial  peripheral interface (SSIF) connect to a CD deck
HCI module interface
  • ・HCI module pin of the R7S72100 connects to an MIL connector
LCD panel output interface
  • ・Alpha Project LCD-KIT-B01 connectors (ch0 and ch1)
  • ・Standard MIL connectors (ch0 and ch1)
Analog RGB output interface
  • ・Digital RGB for LCD converted to analog RGB by Analog Devices video DAC (ADV7123)
    •  ・Analog RGB connector: 15-pin D-sub connector x 2
CMOS camera signal input interface
  • ・Capture engine unit of the R7S72100 connects to CMOS camera input connector
    •  ・V024 demo kit (MT9V024IA7XTCD ES)
Key input switch
  • ・A/D converter (ADC) of the R7S72100 connects to switch
Power supply module
  • ・System power supply control of the RTK7721000B00000BR
IEBus interface
  • ・IEBus controller (IEBus) of the R7S72100 connects to IEBus driver
LIN interface
  • ・Local interconnect interface (LIN3) of the R7S72100 connects to LIN driver
SIM card interface
  • ・Serial communication interface (SCIc) of the R7S72100 connects to SIM card slot
IrDA infrared communication module
  • ・IrDA controller (IrDA) of the R7S72100 connects to IrDA module
     - IrDA 1.0 compliant
SCI interface
  • ・Serial communication interface (SCIc) port of the R7S72100 connects to UART connector





User's manual

Please see here.


Board design data other

Please refer to from the download details. (download)



  • This product does not come with any development tools. Before using this board, please prepare the following development tools separately.
    - GENMAI CPU Board
    - Integrated development environment
    - Compiler
    - In-circuit emulator
    - LCD module
    (For more information, please see the ecosystem.)


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