The SH7724 (SH-MobileR2R) is a system LSI that incorporates SH-4A CPU core operating at maximum frequency of 500MHz, FPU (Floating-point Processing Unit), cache memory (primary and secondary), DDR2/MobileDDR-SDRAM controller, VPU5 (Video Processing Unit 5), 2D graphics accelerator, video I/O, LCD controller, ATAPI interface, TS interface and sound input/output,10M/100Mbps Ethernet controller etc. The SH7724 supports advanced power management function, and satisfies both the demand of high performance and the low power consumption requested from mobile devices.


  • Maximum operating frequency 500MHz
  • Maximum processing performance (at 500 MHz operation) 900MIPS , 3.5GFLOPS
  • Cache
    • Primary cache: Separated into 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data
    • Secondary cache: Mixed 256 Kbytes for instructions and data
  • Debug: H-UDI , UBC
  • Package: 449-pin BGA, 441-pin POP-compatible BGA
  • VPU5 (Video Processing Unit 5) image processing IP supporting the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC moving image compression standard. It enables 30 fps (frame per second) encoding and decoding of HD(1280x720) size moving images. Also it supports MPEG4 encode/decode and VC-1 decode.
  • On-chip 2D graphics accelerator improves rendering performance such as bold line drawing or anti-aliasing
  • 24-bit color compatible TFT-LCD controller.
  • Expanded edge emphasis function ( It can realize high-quality display of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, ensuring that the picture does not appear fuzzy when enlarged from QVGA to VGA or WVGA size.)
  • 128-Kbyte media RAM (MERAM) that can be defined up to 32 inter connect buffers (ICB)
  • Video output unit (based on ITU-R BT.601 and ITU-R BT.656)
  • DDR2/Mobile DDR-SDRAM can be connected directly (32-bit data bus width)
  • ATAPI interface allowing connection to a HDD or DVD drive
  • USB 2.0 host and function (high-speed support)
  • SD host interface (high-speed specification support and an optional CPRM support)
  • 10M/100Mbps Ethernet controller etc.


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