The ISL6440EVAL1Z evaluation board highlights the operation of the ISL6440 300kHz dual, 180° out-of-phase, step-down pulse width modulation (PWM) controller in an embedded DC/DC converter application. The ISL6440 is a high performance triple-output controller that offers control and protection features for two synchronous buck PWMs.


  • Wide input supply voltage range: 5.6V to 24V, 4.5V to 5.6V
  • Two independently programmable output voltages
  • Switching frequency 300kHz
  • Out-of-phase PWM controller operation: Reduces required input capacitance and power supply induced loads
  • No external current sense resistor: Uses lower MOSFET's rDS(ON)
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Extensive circuit protection functions: PGOOD, UVLO, overcurrent, over-temperature, independent shutdown for both PWMs
  • Excellent dynamic response: Voltage feed-forward with current mode Control


  • Power supplies with two outputs
  • xDSL modems/routers
  • DSP, ASIC and FPGA power supplies
  • Set-top boxes
  • Dual output supplies for DSP, memory, logic, µP core and I/O
  • Telecom systems


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