The 89HT0808P Retimer Evaluation Board is designed to enable quick in-system testing of IDT’s 4-lane, 8Gbps, PCIe 3.0 Retimer IC product.
This board features a 4-lane PCIe connection from host through the Retimer to an end-point device installed in the 16-lane PCIe slot.  The Evaluation Board is used by inserting it into a desktop PC or server, and then plugging an end point adapter card (SAS, Ethernet, graphics, etc.) into the 16-lane slot on top. Passive trace cards can be used to extend the data signal to emulate a planned system design. Note that the resulting card stack will require an open chassis test environment.
This Evaluation Board provides a USB-to-I2C bridge circuit which allows convenient connection to a PC for accessing the Retimers control and status registers via IDT’s Configuration Utility GUI for Windows. Software tools for signal eye capture are available.  Direct I2C and JTAG interfaces are also provided to access all receiver, transmitter, and other device registers.


  • Uses one 89HT0808P PCIe3 Retimer
  • 4-lane PCIe adapter card with full PCIe protocol support, including all equalization procedure phases 0 – 3.
  • Configurable via USB, I2C or JTAG interfaces using IDT Windows GUI
  • EEPROM supports automatic download of configuration data to the 89HT0808P Retimer
  • Allows individual channel configuration
  • Switches define power-on initial
  • Multiple power and clock connection options
  • Card format: 7.0” x 4.75”.  Note non-standard form factor - use requires an open
  • Works with passive trace cards to extend FR4 traces.


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