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Washing Machine (High-End)

Washing Machine (High-End)


Modern high performance washing machines now have to be eco-friendly electric household appliances, providing modern technology advances that cleans clothes, whilst using less water, less power and are quieter in their operation. Higher specification products also have ion cleaning functions to eliminate odors and the trend towards multifunctional use is set to continue.

A modern washing machine requires a motor that can deliver high torque during the agitation portion of the wash cycle, high-speed rotation during the spin cycle, and a high degree of durability. As some models function not only as washers but as dryers as well, they must also incorporate inverter control technology for the drying function.

Renesas has a wide-ranging lineup of MCUs that enable our customers to develop products that satisfy these requirements. The products in the RX24T Group and the RX63T Group are ideal for use as motor control MCUs, and those in the RX130 Group (for capacitive touch) and the RL78/G13 Group are designed for system control. These MCUs meet a variety of requirements for washing machine control, including wide-range motor torque, rotation rate control, and load variation.

System Block Diagram (Operation Unit)

System Block Diagram (Control Unit)

Recommended Products

BlockSemiconductor DeviceRecommended Product NameFeatures, etc.
Operation blockOperation MCU
Touch key MCU
RX130 GroupTouch key MCU
RL78/L1x Series
RL78/L13 Group
5 V operation, abundant lineup
Reset ICRNA519xx Series NewVariable detection voltage
(data correction)
R1EX24xxx SeriesI 2 C bus interface *1
R1EX25xxx SeriesSPI bus interface *2
Control blockControl MCURX24T GroupBuilt-in FPU, 2 motor control
RX63T GroupBuilt-in FPU, 3 motor control
Sensor outputOp-ampHA1630xxx SeriesGeneral use CMOS op-amp, Low power
READ2302GSPFull range output, Low power consumption
μPC358, μUPC324Low power consumption
comparatorHA1631 SeriesGeneral use CMOS op-amp, low power consumption
μPC393Low power consumption
ValvesTRIACBCR1AM-12A , BCR08AM-14AUp to 60 W/AC 100 V to 120 V
Main motorTRIACBCR8PM-12LG
Guaranteed maximum junction temperature of 150℃
Lid lockMOSFETH5N2510DS 
TRIACBCR1AM-12AUp to 60 W/AC 100 V to 120 V
InverterIGBTRJL60xx Series , RJH60DxSeriesParasitic Di high-speed trr type
(IGBT drive)
PS93xx Series
PS94xx Series
PS95xx Series
PS99xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kV~7.5kVr.m.s.)
0.6~2.5A output
High CMR (CMR≧50kV/μs)
Power supplyPFC IC R2A20112ACritical conduction mode interleaving
R2A20131Continuous conduction mode single
MOSFETRJK60xx Series500 V, 600 V tolerance
I/F for control MCUPhotocoupler (standard) PS23xx Series
PS27xx Series
PS28xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 4p-LSOP, Ta=115°C
High isolation voltage (3.75kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP, Ta=110°C
High isolation voltage (2.5kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP, Ta=110°C
PS91xx Series
PS93xx Series
PS98xx Series
(Small SOP)
PS99xx Series
Digital output   
Low supply current
TRIAC controlPhotocoupler (standard) PS23xx Series
PS27xx Series
PS28xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 4p-LSOP, Ta=115°C
High isolation voltage (3.75kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP, Ta=110°C
High isolation voltage (2.5kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP, Ta=110°C

*1 I 2 C: Inter-Integrated Circuit
*2 SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface
*3 PWM: Pulse Width Modulation

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