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RZ/G Linux platform introduction support site

Even with embedded Linux inexperience,
development can be started easily.
- RZ/G Linux platform introduction support site -

In recent years, along with the advancement of embedded devices in the industrial field,
the range that developers must deal with is rapidly expanding,
such as network correspondence, multimedia support, security correspondence.

Increasing development period and accompanying increase of total cost
including development and maintenance cost of system are becoming big problems.

Renesas solves this problem on the RZ/G Linux platform.

How to start RZ/G Linux platform

You can begin the development of embedded Linux with verified operation in Step 1 ~ 4.

Step1.   User registration of development environment

First of all, let's register as a user with MyPage on the marketplace and get a cloud development environment.

Marketplace > MyPage

After completing the user registration, you can use the following various functions in the marketplace.
- Purchase tools
- Document download
- Participation in the community

Cloud development environment service [trial version] (free) can also be obtained from here.

Cloud development environment service [trial version]

Step2.   Obtain evaluation kit

Please prepare an evaluation kit compatible with RZ/G Linux platform.
We plan to increase the number of compatible kits in the future.
If it is a compatible kit, you can immediately proceed with development using the "Linux package" that has been verified operation.

iWave product

RZ/G1H-PF iWave product

iWave product

RZ/G1N-PF iWave product

iWave product

RZ/G1M-PF iWave product

iWave product

RZ/G1E-PF iWave product

Details of the development kit and purchase can be confirmed from the following website.

Market Place > Board

Step3.   Install development tools

For the development, installation of tools listed below is necessary.
Let's obtain and install while watching the user's manual.

e2 studio 5.4 installerWeb installerOffline installer

e2 studio 6.1 installerWeb installerOffline installer

Tool Notice
e2 studio Integrated development environment that runs on PC
You can download from the e2 studio installer.
e2 studio plug in Plug-in for using the cloud development environment
We will inform you of installation method by e-mail to those who applied for cloud development environment from marketplace.
Visual C++ Redistributable package Runtime component
RZ/G Linux platform tool user's manual describes how to install the Visual C ++ runtime component.

Step4.   Evaluation kit connection and application development

The procedure for connecting the user application addition / evaluation kit is as follows.
Just this alone, the Linux operation screen is displayed on the monitor (or HDMI output), and you can add your own application as well.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the build tool user's manual.

Create [Embedded Linux Project] with >e2 studio

Add user application

Build (build automatically in the cloud development environment)

Write image file to SD card

Insert the SD card into the evaluation kit

Connect the control cable and turn on the evaluation kit

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