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What is the RZ/G Linux Platform?

Embedded system development using advanced middleware and Linux leads to quick time to market.


In recent years, as embedded devices in the industrial segment become more advanced, the range of demands such as network support, multimedia support, and security on developers is rapidly expanding. Due to this, developers are facing issues such as longer time to market and rising total costs. The RZ/G Linux Platform is one-stop platform that offers verified software and development tools from the cloud, reducing time to market and costs by 40 percent.



01. What is the RZ/G Linux Platform?

Developers who are experienced with real-time OS (RTOS) are reluctant to use open-source software (OSS) such as Linux. They may have tried using Linux as a free OS, and then found the time and effort of verifying middleware for OSS and the cost of embedding it was more than expected. In terms of long-term support, there are costs for version management, outsourcing for maintenance, and so on.

The components of the RZ/G Linux Platform alleviate such issues and concerns with Linux development, providing a way to bring your product to market swiftly.






02. The Five Components of the RZ/G Linux Platform

The RZ/G Linux Platform consists of the following five components. Click below to see the features of each component.

①Verified Linux package

The RZ/G Linux package uses the super long term support Linux kernel promoted by The Linux Foundation’s CIP (Civil Infrastructure Platform) Project for supporting the long-term guarantee that is demanded by industrial and infrastructure equipment. Renesas provides basic software (3D graphics, H.264 video, security, GUI, and driver software) for which operation has been verified with a CIP Linux kernel, as packaged software.

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②Cloud development environment and development tools

By using the cloud development environment provided by Renesas, you don't need to prepare your own Linux server and development environment. By applying for the cloud development environment from the marketplace, you can get the verified Linux package and use the build tool and verification analytical tool via e² studio (free) on a client PC.

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③Software add-ons

We offer a lineup of verified middleware for the RZ/G Linux package. Since the operation of the middleware has been verified by both partners and Renesas, you can use them to easily expand the functionality of your system.

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④Board solutions

Evaluation and development kits that can be used in mass production are available from our partner vendors. There are partner boards for the RZ/G platform that have unique modules that can be applied from evaluation to mass production, as well as single boards. These can be used to vastly speed up the development of your product.

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⑤Supported devices (RZ/G-PF Series)

RZ/G Series high-performance processors have one or two 1GHz+ ARM® Cortex®-A cores, a 3D graphics engine, a full high-definition (HD) video engine, secure IP, high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, SATA, and Gigabit Ethernet, and other functions necessary for embedded devices in the industrial segment.

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03. RZ/G Marketplace

The marketplace is a website where you can download software offered by Renesas and partners participating in our ecosystem, and also has e-commerce functions.

It is one-stop source for the software, board information, and cloud development environment services that you need for your project. You can also access the community and Q&A from the marketplace.

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