See how three ISL8225M power modules connected in parallel provides a DC-DC solution with up to 90A output current.


Hi, I'm Steve Rivet, the product line director for Intersil's power module products.

Today I'd like to show you the demonstration of our ISL8225MEVAL2Z power module evaluation board. This board provides a very high current power solution. This three-module board provides up to 90A of output current. As you can see we got the input connected to a power supply and our output is connected to an electronic load. So I turn on the supply, supplying 12V to the input of the evaluation board. You can see that we have a 1.2V output, and we are supplying 90A of output current. This is a very high, very, very high power solution. Intersil ISL8225MEVAL2Z demonstrates operation of our modules in a 90A power supply configuration.

For more information, visit the ISL8225M product page.