JEITA package codes are uniformly given to our IC packages according to the JEITA standard "EIAJ ED-7303C. The construction of JEITA package code is explained below.

1. Construction of package code

Package Code is constructed by 6 items below, and maximum of 30 letters shall be specified.

1. Construction of package code

Figure 1 Construction of package code

(1) Material code of package body (see Table 1) 1 letter shall be specified.
(2) Package specific feature code (see Table 2) Maximum of 3 letters shall be specified. (Maximum of 3 features)
(3) Basic package name code (see Table 3) 3 letters shall be specified in principle (exception exists).
(4) Package terminal number code (see Table 4) Maximum of 5 letters shall be specified.
(5) Package nominal dimension code (see Table 5) Maximum of 11 letters shall be specified.
(6) Terminal in-line interval code (see Table 6) 4 letters shall be specified.

(1) Material code of package body

According to Table 1, material code of package body shall be specified 1 letter.

Table 1 Material code of package body

Code Material Applicable to
C Ceramics A package made of multi-layer ceramics
G Ceramics A glass-sealed ceramic package
M Metal A package made of metallic material
P Plastics A package made of plastics
For BGA and LGA,"p"denotes the package substrate made of PWB
S Sillcon A package made of sillcon
T Tape A package made of tape
For BGA and LGA,"T"denotes the package substrate made of tape

(2) Package specific feature code

According to Table 2, Package specific feature code shall be specified by a maximum of 3 letters (maximum of 3 features).

Table 2 Package specific feature code

Order Functional classification Code Meaning Specific feature
nothing Basic package
1 Outline addition H Heat Sink Heat sink
D Window Window
P Piggyback Piggyback
2 Seated height L Low profile Maximum seated height, 1.20mm < L <= 1.70mm
T Thin Maximum seated height, 1.00mm < T <= 1.20mm
V Very thin Maximum seated height, 0.80mm < V <= 1.00mm
W Very-Very thin Maximum seated height, 0.65mm < W <= 0.80mm
U Ultra thin Maximum seated height, 0.50mm < U <= 0.65mm
X Extremely thin Maximum seated height, X <= 0.50mm
3 Terminal pitch or terminal position S Shrink Shrink pitch of basic package(only used for SOP, DIP, ZIP, PGA)
F Fine pitch Terminal pitch is 0.8mm or less.(only used for BGA, LGA) Terminal pitch is 0.5mm or less. (only used for QFP)
I Interstitial Package with terminal other than grid array(only used for PGA, BGA, LGA)
4 Lead protection B Bumper with bumper
G Guard Ring with Guard Ring
R Retain with Retain

(3) Basic package name code

According to Table 3, package name code shall be specified 3 letters in principle. To classify package form in Table 3, refer to EIAJ ED-7300.

As an exception, derivative package name TSOP(1),TSOP(2),DTP(1), and DTP(2) corresponding to basic package name code SOP and DTP shall be managed as basic package name code and allowed 7 or 6 letters. In this case, conventional TSOP(I) and TSOP(II) shall not be allowed to use for TSOP(1) and TSOP(2).

Furthermore, in this case of TSOP(1), TSOP(2), DTP(1) and DTP(2), if package code letters shall be over 30 letters, missing terminals code is omitted like the example below.

Basic package name code Example

Table 3 Basic package name code

Form Code Basic package name
A QFP Quad Flat Package
QFI Quad Flat I-Leaded Package
QFJ Quad Flat J-Leaded Package
QFF Quad Flat F-Leaded Package
QFN Quad Flat No Lead Package
B SOP Small Outline Package
SOI Small Outline I-Leaded Package
SOJ Small Outline J-Leaded Package
SOF Small Outline F-Leaded Package
SON Small Outline No Lead Package
DIP Dual Inline Package
C SIP Single Inline Package
ZIP Zigzag Inline Package
SVP Surface Vertical Package
D PGA Pin Grid Array Package
LGA Land Grid Array Package
BGA Ball Grid Array Package
G DTP Dual Tape Carrier Package
QTP Quad Tape Carrier Package

(4) Package terminal number code

According to Table 4, Package terminal number code shall be specified maximum of 5 letters. In addition, terminal shall be a generic term for lead, pin, land, bump, ball and so on. Which formed for different connection method to outside.

For missing terminals in Table 4, 5 letters shall be accepted for 100 pins or less. For example,in the case of 28 terminals package with 2 terminals missing, giving a code of 28/26.

Table 4 Example of package terminal number code

Code Terminal number
8 8
14 14
64 64
144 144
1000 1000
28/26 28 (missing 2 terminals)

(5) Code of package nominal dimension

Code of package nominal dimension is constructed by "package body width (mm)" × "package body length (mm)" and shall be specified maximum of 11 letters. When the figure below the decimal point is "x0" or"00", delete the "0" or "00" from the code.

Basic package name code Example

(6) Terminal in-line interval code

According to Table 6, terminal in-line interval code shall be specified 4 letters. Inch size terminal in-line interval expressed in millimeters shall be written on round form. (see ISO-R370)

Table 6 Terminal in-line interval code

Code Terminal in-line interval
2.54 2.54mm
1.78 1.778mm
1.50 1.50mm
1.27 1.27mm
1.25 1.25mm
1.00 1.00mm
0.80 0.80mm
0.75 0.75mm
0.65 0.65mm
0.50 0.50mm
0.40 0.40mm
0.30 0.30mm

2.Example of package code

Table 7 shows example of package code. () is allowed for exception, but not used for IEC proposal.

Table 7 Example of package code

Package code