Tools for running learned AI on Renesas MCUs and MPUs


Learned AI network into All Embedded system



1. e-AI translator Converts the learned AI network of Caffe or TensorFlow, open source machine learning / deep learning frameworks, to the MCU/MPU development environment.
2. e-AI checker Based on the output result from the translator, the ROM/RAM mounting size and the inference execution processing time are calculated while referring to the information of the selected MCU/MPU.


Tool/Document Downloads

The latest version

e-AI translator
e-AI checker
V1.4.0 e-AI translator with simple check function (Update in Feb, 2020)
Keras framework support has been added from this version.
(License period: valid until Dec. 31, 2020)
e-AI translator manual for V1.4.0 e-AI translator manual (Update in Mar, 2020) Download
e-AI translator
License extension
for V1.4.0 e-AI translator license file
License extension file for the user who have already installed e-AI Translator
(License period: valid until Dec. 31, 2020)
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