IAR Systems

IAR Embedded Workbench®是全球应用最广泛的嵌入式开发环境,与Synergy平台完全集成。

用于Renesas Synergy™的IAR Embedded Workbench®提供各种可提高代码开发效率的工具,包括高度优化的C/C++编译器和链接器,以及C-STAT®静态分析和C-RUN®运行时间分析工具,让开发人员可以在开发过程中提前发现潜在的代码问题。电源调试工具将帮助开发人员了解代码更改对功耗有何影响。

用于Renesas Synergy™的IAR Embedded Workbench®将与瑞萨电子推出的独立工具Synergy独立配置器(SSC)接口。SSC内置项目编辑器和配置器,如时钟配置器、引脚配置器、RTOS配置器和Synergy软件包(SSP)模块配置器。用于Renesas Synergy™的IAR Embedded Workbench®还允许查看受保护的SSP代码,从而帮助开发人员在调试过程中了解SSP的内部运行方式。 


Download Information

IAR Embedded Workbench for Synergy is no longer available for download from Renesas.com. Contact IAR for access to the Embedded Workbench for Synergy. Licenses for EWSYN are issued by IAR, users can find additional information on licensing Embedded Workbench for Synergy and request a new or updated license key from IAR from this webpage.

Installation Instructions

For detailed installation instructions on how to install IAR EW for Synergy, refer to Release Note for the IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy v8.23.3, available for download from the Synergy Standalone Configurator (SSC) product page on Renesas.com.