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GR-QR/DECODER is a library to identify multiple QR Codes® and return the decoded result.


GR-QR/DECODER is a library developed by Grape Systems Inc., to identify multiple

QR Codes from an 8-bit monochrome image and returns the decoded result.

  • JIS standard JIS-X0510 compliance
  • QR Code Model2 support

This Synergy Partner Project contains software providing a simple demonstration of the GR-QR/DECODER library running on the Synergy DK-S7G2 kit. It is supported in Japan only.

Starting with the GR-QR/DECODER library, Grape Systems can also undertake various software customization work for projects running on the Synergy Platform.  For more information, please contact Grape Systems.

Copyright Disclaimer

(C) Copyright Grape Systems Inc., 2018, All Rights Reserved.

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.



版本 1.0


发布日期: 2019-03-12

支持的MCU: S7G2

MD5: 61c2e3e866b6a131eda72c219d872996



Initial release.


1. Download and install the SSP and e2studio.

2. Once installed, download the QR Decoder package, unzip it, and run the installer on your computer. When asked for an installation path, please indicate the top-level directory where you have installed e2Studio.