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类别: Communication

Enables CAN-based communication used in many medical, railway, and industrial automation applications.


The CANopen Library (Stack) provides CANopen communication, a CAN-based protocol that supports the following CAN in Automation (CiA) specifications:

  • CiA 301 v4.2 Communication Profile
  • CiA 401 Generic I/O Modules Profile
  • CiA 305 Layer Setting Services (LSS) and Protocols

This library allows operation in either master or slave mode, and is tightly integrated with the SSP. It is written in ANSI-C and can be compiled with any ANSI-C compiler.

Redundancy, Flying Master, CANopen Safety, and Bootloader modules can be added for further functionality.

CANOpen Stack Block Diagram


版本 4.5.p9


发布日期: 2016-11-03

支持的MCU: S7G2, S3A7, S124

MD5: 6f3b84da7e14b8884352ac011936a280