The Renesas Promotion Board for RL78/G11 is the perfect board for evaluating this new device. Its small pen-size of 57mm x 10mm makes it ideal for use as a base board for many kinds of sensor applications. It includes an on-board E2 Lite debugger / programmer; a DC-DC converter for battery voltage boost along with the compact RL78/G11 25-pin LGA MCU.



Key Features

  • Small sensor board 57mm x 10mm + additional RL78/G11 24-pin QFN board
  • Demonstrates the RL78/G11 MCU which has a rich array of analogue features including ADC, DAC, comparator, and Programmable Gain Amplifier
  • Ultra low power with smart features such as the Data Transfer Controller, Data Operation Circuit, and Event Link Controller to reduce the CPU load and consequently the average power consumption
  • E2 Lite On Board (E2OB) programmer / debugger
  • Option to use DC/DC boost converter to power from a single 1.5V battery cell
  • Demonstrates serial communications from the RL78/G11 UART relayed through the USB port, and simple I/O using a push switch and LED

Getting Started

  1. Please ensure that the DIP switches are set as indicated
  2. Demonstration code has been preloaded onto the board. Plug the micro USB cable into the micro USB socket on the E2OB board, and the other end into a USB socket on your PC. The board will power up.
  3. The green User LED should flash at around 5 times per second. Press the user switch: The LED should flash at twice the rate.
  4. In Windows Device Manager, expand the ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’ section to identify the COM port number assigned to the board. Note that WindowsTM 7/8 users will need to install a Virtual Communications Port Device Driver here. Please refer to section 7 of the Application Note (R01AN3918EG) for full instructions.
  5. Open a serial terminal program to connect to the board’s console output. Recent versions of Windows do not include a serial terminal program. Renesas cannot provide any recommendations; however, we have tested PuTTY, and Tera Term with this product. Other terminal programs are available.
  6. Run a serial console configured for 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity.
  7. Enter the command ‘LED x’ to set the LED flashing rate, where x is an integer between 1 and 200 and represents the number of 50ms intervals between LED state changes (so ‘LED 10’ will flash the LED at 1Hz). The console should display ‘OK’ and the LED flash rate should change accordingly. For any given rate, pressing the switch should cause the LED flash rate to double.

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Code Generator (AP4 for RL78)

An AP4, Application Leading Tool and Applilet is a standalone tool for automatically generating control programs (device driver programs) for peripheral modules in accordance with user settings. The type of build tool (compiler) is selectable. The Applilet generates control programs for the peripheral modules that suit the build tool, and also produces workspace files and project files for the integrated development environment.

 AP4, Applilet

Ordering Information

Part number: YRPBRL78G11

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Target Devices

RL78 Family

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