RTKA2108502H00000BU Evaluation Board

Pin-Strap Configurable 50A Step-Down PMBus-Compliant DC/DC Power Supply Module

The RTKA2108502H00000BU evaluation board is an 8-layer FR4 board with 2oz. copper on all layers. The board measures 4.7in x 4.8in. The evaluation board includes placeholders for the pin-strap resistor population that allow for the adjustment of the output voltage, switching frequency, soft-start/stop timing, input UVLO, ASCR (gain and residual) parameters, and the device PMBus address. Also, fault limits can be programmed or changed easily with the PMBus compliant serial bus interface.

The evaluation board makes use of the RAA210850, a 50A step-down DC/DC power supply module with an integrated digital PWM controller, dual-phase synchronous power switches, inductors, and passives. Only input, output capacitors and minimal passives are required to finish the design. The board can output a continuous current at 50A without airflow or heat sink. The RAA210850 uses a ChargeMode™ control (ASCR) architecture that responds to a transient load within a single switching cycle.

Provided with the evaluation kit, the ZLUSBEVAL3Z (a USB to PMBus adapter) connects the evaluation board with a PC to activate the PMBus communication interface. The PMBus command set is accessed by using the PowerNavigator™ evaluation software from a PC running Microsoft Windows.

The RTKA2108502H00000BU can operate in pin-strap mode without needing the ZLUSBEVAL3Z adapter or PMBus communication.

Key Features

  • VIN range of 4.5V to 14V, VOUT adjustable from 0.6V to 5V
  • Programmable VOUT, input and output UVP/OVP, OTP/UTP, soft-start/stop, and external synchronization
  • Monitor: VIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature, duty cycle, switching frequency, and faults
  • ChargeMode control tunable with PMBus
  • Mechanical switch for enable and a power-good LED indicator


  • Server, telecom, storage, and datacom
  • Industrial/ATE and networking equipment
  • General purpose power for ASIC, FPGA, DSP, and memory

PowerNavigator User Guide for POL
Setup and configure a point of load (POL) digital power device using Intersil's PowerNavigator GUI.
PDF 2018年4月10日 4.68 MB
Production Configuration Utility User Guide
User guide for production configuration utility software
PDF 2016年10月29日 714 KB
RAA210850 Datasheet
Pin-Configurable 50A DC/DC Power Module with PMBus Interface
PDF 2019年3月15日 2.41 MB
RTKA2108502H00000BU User Guide
RTKA2108502H00000BU Evaluation Board User Guide
PDF 2018年9月12日 1.79 MB

PowerNavigator Software v5.4.98
Use the PowerNavigator GUI to setup and configure supported digital power devices.
HTML 2018年7月18日 93.4 MB
Production Configuration Utility v5.4.98
Production Configuration Utility software for quick loading and verification of config files into Intersil digital power controller/modules
ZIP 2018年7月18日 99.5 MB
RTKA2108502H00000BU Design Files
RTKA2108502H00000BU Design Files
ZIP 2018年10月9日 2.23 MB

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