JESD204B Evaluation Platform

Intersil's Turnkey JESD204B Analog to Digital Converter Evaluation Platform


Intersil offers a complete, turnkey evaluation platform which includes data capture hardware and software to process and display acquired data. This system provides the fastest and easiest path to evaluating an ADC since no additional software coding is required of the user.

Intersil has expanded its portfolio of high speed data converters by offering its ISLA2xx high performance family of ADCs with JESDS204B high speed serial outputs. Currently offered are dual channel 12- and 14-bit converters as well as single channel 14- and 16-bit converters.

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Key Features

ADCMB-HSFMCEV1Z Mother Board for Data Capture

  • Provides SERDES receiver & USB Interface to PC
  • Supports deep data records (up to 32M 16-bit words)
  • FMC connector (high pin-count) between MB/DC

Daughter Cards

  • Compatible with Vita 57.1
  • ADC Daughter Card can be used with most FMC based development platforms

Daughter Cards

Base Part Description
ISLA214S50IR48EV1Z ISLA214S50 14-Bit, 500/350 MSPS JESD204B High Speed Serial Output ADC
ISLA216S25IR48EV1Z ISLA216S25 16-Bit, 250MSPS JESD204B High Speed Serial Output ADC
ISLA224S25IR48EV1Z ISLA224S25 Dual 14-Bit, 250MSPS JESD204B High Speed Serial Output ADC

Evaluation software

  • Frequency & time-domain analysis
  • Socket interface for hardware-in-the-loop developments

Supported Products

  • Dual 12/14-bit, 250MSPS
  • Single 12/14-bit, 500MSPS
  • Single 16-bit, 250MSPS


  • Radar and Satellite Antenna Array Processing
  • Broadband Communications and Microwave Receivers
  • High-Performance Data Acquisition
  • Communications Test Equipment
  • High-Speed Medical Imaging

JESD204B Evaluation Platform

JESD204B Evaluation Platform


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