48V to 12V 120W Half-Bridge Power Supply Evaluation Board for Telecom Applications


The ISL6745ALEVAL3Z is a low cost, high performance LED driver with power factor correction (PFC) function that is compatible with widely used wall dimmers. It uses Renesas' ISL6745A voltage mode PWM controller to operate a SEPIC converter in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM).

The ISL6745A is a low-cost, double-ended voltage-mode PWM controller designed for half-bridge and full-bridge power supplies and line-regulated bus converters. It provides precise control of switching frequency, adjustable soft-start and overcurrent shutdown.

The evaluation board design gives high flexibility on both the input side and output load. With the same circuit configuration, it works well with and without a triac dimmer.


  • Input VAC: 50V ~ 140V
  • Typical power factor PF: 0.98
  • Typical efficiency η: 80%
  • Output current ILED: 10mA ~ 670mA
  • Output voltage VOUT: 10V ~ 46V
  • Switching frequency FS: 100kHz
  • Output voltage ripple VRPP: 50mV(P-P)


  • Half-bridge converters
  • Full-bridge converters
  • Line-regulated bus converters
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Telecom, datacom and file server power

ISL6745ALEVAL3Z White LED Driver Eval Board

ISL6745ALEVAL3Z White LED Driver Evaluation Board





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