Small, Low Power, Ambient Light Photo Detect IC Eval Board


The ISL29101IROZ-EVALZ is an RoHS compliant evaluation board used to evaluate the ISL29101 low power ambient light-to-voltage optical sensor. The sensing range for this device is from 0.5Lux to 10kLux typically and the device has been optimized for use with a 100kΩ output scaling resistor (REXT). The device and the evaluation board will work from a 3V supply.

In normal operation, the ISL29101 is intended to be mounted behind a smoked glass/plastic bezel, which normally significantly attenuates received light. This low light optimized analog output sensor will typically saturate at full scale with an incident illumination of around 1500Lux, which is a fair deal lower than normal indoor ambient light conditions (2k to 10kLux).

Key Features

  • ISL29101 sensor IC
  • 100kΩ output scaling resistor
  • 0.5Lux to 10kLux sensing range
  • Will work from a 3V supply


  • Display and keypad dimming for:
    • Mobile devices: smart phone, PDA, GPS
    • Computing devices: notebook PC, webpod
    • Consumer devices: LCD-TV, digital picture frame, digital camera
  • Industrial and medical light sensing

ISL29101IROZ-EVALZ Ambient Light Photo Detect IC Eval Board

ISL29101IROZ-EVALZ Ambient Light Photo Detect IC Eval Board

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