120MHz, Low Power, 8x8 Video Crosspoint Switch Evaluation Board


The HA456EVAL1 evaluation platform provides a quick and easy method for evaluating the HA456 (AV = 1) 8x8 video crosspoint switch in the 44 Lead MQFP package. The HA456CN is included with the evaluation board.

The HA456 is the first 8x8 video crosspoint switch suitable for high performance video systems. Its high level of integration significantly reduces component count, board space, and cost. The crosspoint switch contains a digitally controlled matrix of 64 fully buffered switches that connect 8 video input signals to any, or all, matrix outputs. Each matrix output connects to an internal, high-speed (200V/µs), unity gain buffer capable of driving 400Ω and 5pF to ±2V.


  • Emulates a Complete 8x8 Video Switcher
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • PC Controlled (Software Included) Channel Selection
  • Optional Adaptor (HA456/7EVAL3) Allows Simple Manual Control of Channel Selection (No PC Required)
  • Configurable for Buffered (HFA1412) or Unbuffered Outputs
  • Configured for 75Ω Environments


  • Professional video switching and routing
  • Security and video editing systems

HA456EVAL1 8x8 Video Crosspoint Eval Board

HA456EVAL1 8x8 Video Crosspoint Eval Board





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