Evaluation Board for Peripheral Power Controller for Pentium® 4 Computer Systems


The HIP6521EVAL1 evaluates the HIP6521 PWM and triple linear power controller. This evaluation board embodies a 4-output regulator solution targeted at supplying power to the system memory (2.5V), system clock (2.5V), ICH/MCH chip set core (1.8V), and the 4X AGP video (1.5V), with provisions for ACPI power management implementation.

The HIP6521 was created to complement a multiphase buck controller in creating a complete power solution for the typical Pentium 4 system. Athlon-class processor based systems (AMD) may also benefit from the HIP6521.

Key Features

  • Provides 4 Regulated Voltages 
  • ACPI Compatible 
  • Simple Single-Loop Control Design 
  • Fast PWM Converter Transient Response 
  • Excellent Output Voltage Regulation 
  • Overcurrent Fault Monitors 
  • Small Converter Size


  • Motherboard Power Regulation for Computers

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