The 3D Gesture Reference Design is a solution that can detect the position (x, y and z coordinates) of a hand in space using Renesas' capacitive touch solution. The position of a hand up to 200mm above a panel surface is converted to x, y and z coordinates. Moreover, since sensing of coordinate data can be carried out at high speed, gestures (up and down, right and left, and front and behind) and simple pattern recognition can be used to operate a device.


Based on Renesas' high sensitivity, noise-tolerant capacitive touch solution

  • Recognize the position of a hand up to 200mm above a sensor
  • Up to 1mm accuracy

High noise tolerance and works with shielding

  • Sensing can be carried out with any nonconducting material - thus can be embedded inside a wall, etc.
  • Support for IEC 61000 4-3 and IEC 61000 4-6 Level 3 Class B*
  • *Class B: No false detection when there is no object nearby in a noisy environment.

Applicable to a variety of products

  • Realize system control and gesture operation for your product using a high-performance, low power 32-bit microcontroller and touch IP
  • Also possible to use gestures in combination with touch buttons

3D Gesture config

3D Gesture Configuration

Can gesture recognition be used with infrared (pyroelectric sensor), sound wave devices, or cameras?

3D Gesture Solution

Suggested Touchless Interfaces

Suggested No Touch Interfaces

Hardware Configuration

3D Gesture Reference Design Hardware Configuration

Hardware Information

Standard version (160mm) RX231 >>

Small version (80mm) RX130 >>

Software Configuration

RX Firmware Contents Code Size
Standard version (160mm) RX231 Gesture recognition binary code
Coordinate detection middleware
Touch API
ROM: 34.2k
RAM: 5.8k
Small version (80mm) RX130 Gesture recognition binary code
Coordinate detection middleware
Touch API
ROM: 27.4k
RAM: 4.8k

*Gesture recognition, coordinate detection middleware is the same except electrode placement, USB presence/absence etc.

PC Software Contents Code Size
3D Gesture Demo Set Evaluation Tool
Three-dimensional coordinates, gesture motion, electrode sensitivity, etc. can be evaluated
Executable EXE file

Documentation / Sample Code


Target Devices

Family Group
RX Family RX113, RX130, RX231, RX230