API Builder SAIC101 is a coding assistance tool for editing the API for controlling the Smart Analog IC101, generating various sample code that uses the edited API, and assisting integration work. All operations, from editing the API and selecting sample code, to output, can be performed easily using a GUI (graphical user interface).

System Configuration

API Builder SAIC101 System Configuration

Main Features
  • Automatically integrate SAIC101 sample code into project files created using CS+ or e2 studio.
  • Use a GUI to easily edit serial interface settings to suit your system environment and apply to API.
  • Select an integrating target from the various sample code that uses the edited API, and generate sample C source code for an RSK (Renesas Starter Kit) board.*2


  1. The Renesas integrated development environments (IDE) that are currently supported are CS+ and e2 studio.
  2. Currently, only Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L13 is supported.
Hardware Requirements
Supported OS Windows® 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Other software requirements in addition to Windows OS .NET Framework 4 or later
Process Flow
  1. Create project in CS+ or e2 studio
  2. Use code generation function to generate serial module settings and code
  3. Start API Builder SAIC101
    Run API_Builder_SAIC101.exe
  4. Load project that integrates API
    Select a project file
    • Example of loading project that uses SPI
      Example of loading project that uses SPI
    • Example of loading project that uses UART
      Example of loading project that uses UART
  5. Set CPU clock frequency
    Set frequency of CPU and peripherals
  6. Set Smart Analog IC connection
    Add information on connected Smart Analog IC
  7. Setting when using SPI
    SPI settings
  8. Setting when using UART
    UART settings
  9. Set whether flash-related API functions are used
    Flash API function setting
  10. Set sample code output
    Sample code output settings
  11. Set option
    Optional setting
  12. Check changes/Generate file
    Check changes and output to file
    1. Show changes in logwindow
    2. Start integrating API/sample code to selected project
  13. Develop user program
  14. Build, download, and debug