Discrete and Power Devices

Renesas portfolio of transistors feature ultra-small packages, suitable for a variety of applications such as large current applications, amplifiers, and more.

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Renesas insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) realize both low saturation voltage and fast switching through thin wafer technology. Product series suitable for a variety of applications are available, and help to cut down all kinds of power loss.


Products for a variety of applications, such as power supply, motor drive, high frequency amplification, and load switch, are available.

Bipolar Power Transistors

A wide variety of products are rolled out, for example, for uses at high temperature (up to 175°C applicable), high power, and low Vce (sat), and others.

Power Diodes

A power diode to support the high performance and small size and weight of mobile and information devices offers.

Thyristors and Triacs

Renesas offer a wealth of triac and thyristor devices, best support for white goods such as washing machines or rice cookers and also for strobe of digital still camera or silver camera, so that you may cover many diversified applications and fulfill your needs.

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