Update: May.31,2022
Renesas Electronics Corporation

The Linux package which is for 64bit processors and offered by Renesas contains ported and tested basic software that is necessary for the industrial segment, in a software package for which operation and performance has been verified based on a datasheet.
It enables you to start using a stable Linux environment and basic software immediately, so you can concentrate on developing your application.

Product Overview

This product provides whole set of software which consists of Linux packages and software add-ons. Functions of this products have been verified under our development process management. Regular maintenance is also provided. You can greatly reduce the burden of software development in embedded system development by using this package.

Please read the Release Note included in this first when you use the package.


  • Verified not only the first release but also all following releases
  • Supports industry standard API
  • Expandable via software add-ons from Renesas and selected partners
  • Maintained free of charge


  • Linux kernel
    Supports 64bit processors (AArch64)
    10+ years support will be provided with the cooperation of the CIP project
  • Device Driver
  • Media Player IF
    Plug-in with general-purpose media player (GStreamer)
  • Video Codec
    H.246 decoder/encoder and H.265 decoder provided as standard IF (OpenMAX)
  • Video processing
    Image editing functions such as scaling, clipping, and compositing according to the display screen
  • Graphics function
    Graphics function compliant with OpenGL ES standard (PowerVR Rogue)

Please refer to the Release Note for names and versions of major components.

Two different version "4.19-CIP" and "4.19-CIP-RT" with different Linux kernels are available. "4.19-CIP" version is suitable for typical purposes. "4.19-CIP-RT" version offers the kernel which is improved real time performance compared with "4.19-CIP", but note that RT version do not guarantee hard real time performance such as worst response time. Please carefully consider the possibility of application to real products by doing performance evaluation with your own use-case.

  • Pros of RT version
    • Improve the accuracy of the periodic thread execution
    • Improve the worst response time to interrupt
  • Cons of RT version
    • Generally, since the number of thread transition increases, the overall system performance reduces
    • Mutual exclusion and other timings in the kernel are changed, and may cause problems with existing

This product contains the same evaluation version library of H.264/H.265 Video codecs and graphics (OpenGL ES) functions provided from "RZ/G Multimedia Package for 64bit kernel [Evaluation version]" page.

"RZ/G Series Security Solution" is not included in this product. Please get individually from "RZ/G Series Security Solution(Coming soon)" page.

Target Reference Boards

  • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2H platform (hihope-rzg2h)
  • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2M platform (hihope-rzg2m)
  • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2N platform (hihope-rzg2n)
  • Silicon Linux RZ/G2E evaluation kit (EK874)


  • Jun 29, 2020: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.4 (Support RZ/G2H)
  • Nov 30, 2020: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.6 (Support RZ/G2M v3.0)
  • Apr 23, 2021: Update 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.6 (Add a new file for HTML5 and update Release Note for HTML5)
  • May 31, 2021: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.8
  • Nov 30, 2021: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.10
  • Nov 30, 2021: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.10update1
  • May 31, 2022: 4.19-CIP version VLP64 1.0.12


RZ/G Verified Linux Package for 64bit kernel contains the following decoders, encoders, parser related packages.

Download Evaluation Version

Please download the ZIP file of “RZ/G Verified Linux Package for 64bit kernel” and read “Release Note” which is enclosed in the ZIP file. Please download other files according to the Release Note.

Evaluation version package is permitted to be used for evaluation purposes only. It is not able to be applied to commercial products, but it is enough to be used for evaluation firstly. When you require the product version package, please be sure to read “Support Policy” and apply from the download link listed in “Download Product Version”. Please read Release Note when you want to know the difference of the evaluation version and the production version.

Support Policy

As a general rule, Renesas does not provide support for this evaluation version. For the product version, Renesas provides support for the below items without additional payment. For more details, please contact a Renesas salesperson.

  • Renesas provides support for the items below for RZ/G Verified Linux Package without additional payment.
  Form Q&A and issue analysis*1 Maintained by Renesas
Renesas reference board Customer board
Customer developed/modified SW - No No*2 No
Customer added OSS - No No No
Validation target OSS in VLP Source Code Yes No No
Renesas developed SW Source Code Yes Yes Yes
Binary Yes Yes*3 Yes

*1) Firstly, customers should investigate which part has a problem: Renesas’ deliverables or customer’s developed part.

*2) We provide support for the board-dependent changes such as channel numbers and pin configurations.

*3) We provide Q&A support only for the functions which are defined and described in the user's manual.

Download Product Version

You can apply to download the product version package from the download link below. The approved customers can download it from the same link below. When you download the product version, please be sure to check the contents of the attached license agreement. Yocto recipe packages [VLP64 v1.0.12](rzg2_bsp_eva_v102.tar.gz) (GZ) is listed in “Download Evaluation Version” and it can be used for evaluation firstly.

Yocto package for RZ/G2 Verified Linux Package [4.19-CIP] v1.0.12 Product Version (ZIP | English, 日本語)