Evaluation kit for software development and system evaluation compatible with PLC modem LSI R9A06G037. Since it has been designated as a special carrier type digital transmission device (technical conformity), it can be used as power line carrier communication equipment under Article 44, Paragraph 1 of the Radio Law Enforcement Regulations (Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications designation AH-16008 No.: RTK0EE0003D02001BJ). 2 or more products are required to evaluate PLC communication. The microcomputer (RX631) has the firmware compatible with SimpleMAC (PHY evaluation tool), and the PLC modem LSI R9A06G037 is controlled from the PC using the SimpleMAC GUI.


  • Compatible MCU, PLC Modem LSI
  • MCU group: RX631
  • MCU type on board: R5F5631EDDFP
  • PLC modem LSI: R9A06G037
  • On-board PLC modem LSI model name: R9A06G037


  • PLC Communication


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