1、True Low Power 
  • RL78's three low power modes maximize battery life by disabling idle CPU features




  • No need to wake up CPU for receiving data
  • The unique SNOOZE Mode allows some peripheralsie. ADC and UART operation whilst in standby modes
  • Achieve 1/10th of the power consumption; SNOOZE mode uses 0.5mA vs. 5mA in RUN mode (ADC)



Standby Modes


  • HALT mode disables CPU operation saving as much as 80 % of total MCU current, whilst allowing fast CPU enable time
  • STOP mode achieves lowest power consumption by disabling more CPU functions



Power Consumption Values


2、Broad Scalability

RL78 offers an unprecedented line up

  • Over 1000 devices
  • Available in 10 to 128 pin packages and 1 KB to 512 KB Flash

RL78 MCU's offer full pin compatibility

  • I/O and peripheral pins scale up
  • Easily add additional I/O and functionality by migrating to a larger pin count
  • Keep peripheral pin PCB layout in the same order/position as pin count is increased
  • Software code can be reused across the full RL78 family from 20 pins to 128 pins


Peripheral I/O Re-direction (PIOR) capability remaps functions to alternate ports

  • Due to layout or peripheral pin sharing constraint,there may be conflicts for existing peripheral I/O pin assignments
  • Optimise peripheral pin functionality by easing function bottlenecks on a pin


3、High Performance

RL78/G14 offers up to 51.2 DMIPS performance at 32MHz

  • Unrivalled power consumption / performance ratio (1.6 DMIPS/MHz) *RL78/G14
  • Higher DMIPS rating and lower power consumption than a popular 32 bit competitor technology
  • RL78 offers widest operating voltage in its class from 1.6 V to 5.5 V
  • 85 % instructions executed in one clock cycle


4、System Cost Reduction

Built-in a variety of functions to the microcomputer

  • Reset circuit
  • Low power detection circuit
  • Watchdog timer
  • High-precision (1 %) on-chip oscillator
  • Data flash memory
  • Temperature sensor
  • Multi-power-supply interface port


5、High Quality and Safety

Hardware for IEC/UL 60730 compliance

Hardware development tools

A low-cost on-chip debugging emulator and a full-spec emulator are available. You can select the environment that best matches your debugging needs.


  • E1 on-chip debugging emulator

We also plan to roll out support for Renesas microcontrollers and microprocessors other than the RL78 Family. The E1 provides a wide range of support for Renesas microcontrollers at low cost.


E1 product details here


  • IECUBE In-circuit Emulators

Comprehensive break functions, trace functions useful for analyzing illegal operations, time measurement functions for measuring maximum/minimum/average program execution times, coverage functions for measuring program execution coverage rate, and more, are equipped as standards.


IECUBE product details here


Software development tools

The CS+ integrated development environment with a track record of "easy operation and easy support", a real-time OS compliant with the μITRON specification, and the PG-FP5 flash programmer are available. We provide strong support for application development.


CS+ product details here
PG-FP5 product details here