The PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1 reduces the time and cost efforts for implementing to a minimum and provides device manufacturers with a fast, easy and cost-saving integration of a PROFINET IO device interface.


  • lPROFINET stack, CPU, RAM and PHYs integrated
  • lInternal 3-Port IRT Switch with 8 priority levels
  • lParallel and serial host interface
  • lPROFINET version 2.3 for RT and IRT
  • lBGA housing 15 x 15 mm² with 1 mm pitch for inexpensive PCBs
  • lApprox. 800 mW power dissipation
  • lRequired area: 260 mm² for the complete interface (RJ45)


Renesas Electronics and Phoenix Contact join forces in marketing the TPS-1 PROFINET chip


Renesas Electronics, leading provider of ultra modern semiconductor solutions, and Phoenix Contact enter into strategic partnership. Both companies work together in marketing and distributing the PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1 developed both by Phoenix Contact and Siemens. The TPS-1 Chip will be available together with the ERTEC 200/400 PROFINET controllers developed by Siemens through worldwide sales channels of Renesas Electronics.
Within the scope of the planned collaboration, Renesas Electronics builds worldwide distribution and customer support for the PROFINET Device Chip TPS-1 via its distribution network. Phoenix Contact will be responsible for maintenance and further development of the software components associated with the TPS-1 PROFINET Chip and provide support in answering system-related questions regarding PROFINET and realization of special customer-specific solutions.


PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1: Internal CPU


  • Reserved for optimized PROFINET Device Stack
  • External serial FLASH
    - PROFINET stack
    - Firmware updater
    - Chip configuration
    - Runtime configuration (e.g. Name of Station)
  • Firmware download during the manufacturing process via
    - JTAG Boundary-Scan
    - UART
    - Ethernet
  • Firmware update in operation via BOOTP/TFTP


PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1: Ethernet/PROFINET features


  • 2 integrated fast PHYs
  • Integrated 3-Port IRT switch supports 8 priority levels
  • Functions according to conf. class C
  • IRT bridge delay < 3 µs
  • Timestamp resolution 2.5 ns
  • Hardware support for PROFINET protocols including PTCP
  • Separate I2C interfaces for fiber optical diagnosis depending on the port
  • Direct connection of PROFINET-LEDs


PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1: Configuration


  • Software tool (Windows)
  • Setting of
    - Operating modes
    - I&M information
    - General purpose interface
    - Serial interfaces
  • Configuration file (XML)
    - Manufacturer information
    - Device type / data
    - I&M information
    - Operating mode of the TPS-1
    - Slot/subslot configuration
    - ...
  • Compiler creates configuration block
  • Downloading the configuration into the serial FLASH



PROFINET IO Device Chip TPS-1 and other LSI


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