The RAA270000KFT is a Power Management IC (PMIC) for the automotive RH850 microcontroller series. The RAA270000KFT contains two integrated current mode DC-DC converters, four low dropout linear regulators (LDOs), and two linear trackers. The switching frequency of the DC-DC converters is typically 2.1MHz. Also, several monitor functions and diagnostic functions such as over-voltage and under-voltage detection of the regulators and watchdog for monitoring external microcontrollers are implemented. The input voltage of the RAA270000KFT, the output of all regulators, and the internal analog voltage corresponding to temperature can be monitored through ADCs in an external microcontroller. Since the RAA270000KFT includes a power-up/down sequence controller, users can reduce external components for controlling the target microcontroller power-up/down sequence.


  • Supply the power to Renesas RH850/C1x and RH850/E1x Input range: 6.0V to 18.5V to perform specified characteristics.
  • 5.4V~: Power rails, 5V/3.3V/1.25V and trackers functional (Not detect low voltage) 3.9V~: Not issues reset.
  • 2 switching regulators
    • For point of load: 5.7V/1000mA
    • For MCU core: 1.25V/700mA
  • 4 linear regulators for MCU: 3.3V/10mA, 5.0V/300mA, 3.3V/160mA, 5.0V/60mA
  • 2 linear trackers: 150mA ability with short protection to battery
  • Automatic power sequence
  • Watchdog timer
  • Analog multiplexer
  • Interrupt request
  • Thermal shut down
  • Reset generator
  • Exposed die pad, QFP package, 64pin 12mm x 12mm


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