General-purpose comparators utilizing CMOS process suitable for low voltage, low power consumption, and fast response.


CMOS Comparators


  • Low voltage operation, Low consumption current:
    • from VDD=1.8V, IDD=5μA/ch(Typ) (01/03 series)
  • High input impedance: IIB=1pA(Typ)
  • Push-pull output / Open drain output
  • Output full swing (Except open drain output)
  • Low input offset voltage: VIO=5mV(Max)
  • Ultra small package
  • High-speed specifications 
    • TPLH=0.3ms(Typ) (02 series)
    • TPHL=0.2ms(Typ) (02/04 series)
  • Single type, Dual type



Key Applications:


  • Relay drive circuits



CMOS Comparators by Type:


Supply voltage Input offset voltage Supply current Response speed Drive ability Part No.
Vio max.
IDD typ.
Is typ.
Single Dual
Push-pull 1.8 to 5.5 5 5 1.2/0.6 14 HA1631S01CM/LP HA1631D01MM/T
50 0.3/0.2 HA1631S02CM/LP HA1631D02MM/T
Open drain 1.8 to 5.5 5 5 -/0.6 14 HA1631S03CM/LP HA1631D03MM/T
50 -/0.2 HA1631S04CM/LP HA1631D04MM/T

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