Renesas’ IO-Link Slave Sensor Solution showcases two examples of a resistor bridge type sensors with two different slave PHY that can be used depending on users’ system requirements.

By Baltazar Mercado, Sr. Manager, System and Solution Team -- 2021-11

Accelerate IoT and embedded systems development using the versatile debugging capabilities of the Renesas Advanced microcontroller innovation kits Familiarize yourself with the debugging modes and interfaces to speed up innovation and save expenses.

By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-11

10 多年前,瑞萨做出了一个大胆的决定,推出 自主专利的 32 位 MCU——RX(Renesas Xtreme)。10 多年后的今天,我们仍然在这里并自豪地为我们的许多忠诚和满意的客户提供服务。该博客展示了自RX推出以来一直与我们在一起(使用 RX)的真正满意的客户。

By Tobias Schuetze, 业务发展经理 -- 2021-11

Do you have complained about heat generation when you use image-based AI inference? Renesas introduces the good solution to solve this issue with good AI inference performance.

By Shinji Yamano, Principal Specialist -- 2021-11

Take the guesswork out of your innovation experience by following a systematic and methodical approach to start developing with Renesas RA microcontroller innovation kits and begin a structured and orderly exploration of resources that you can utilize to create smart IoT and embedded products.

By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-11

Designers of high voltage, multi-module batteries and the systems that use them can streamline their design and development cycles with integrated battery front end ICs. New advanced options from Renesas also allow elegant daisy chaining to address higher voltages.

By Tad Keeley, Battery Products Marketing Manager -- 2021-11

“到 2025 年,目标是所有的博世产品要么包含人工智能,要么在人工智能的帮助下开发或制造。” 博世管理委员会主席 Volkmar Denner

By Sam Gold, Senior Manager -- 2021-11

2021年11月3日,由全球电子技术领域知名媒体集团AspenCore主办的“2021全球高科技领袖论坛 - 全球CEO峰会”在深圳大中华喜来登酒店隆重举行。大会旨在为广大电子产业领域企业和从业者提供深入了解和交流、洞察前沿技术、体验最新尖端产品的平台。瑞萨电子,作为全球卓越的半导体产品及整体解决方案供应商,也参与了此次盛会。

By 郭双骖, CEO室,企业宣传 -- 2021-11

我想介绍一下轻度混合动力车 (MHEV) 的功率MOSFET产品。

By Keisuke Furuya, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-11

瑞萨电子正式成为RT-Thread金牌会员。双方将携手合作,在瑞萨电子提供的RA MCU硬件和开发套件上实现RT-Thread支持

By 吴频吉, 高级专家 -- 2021-11