The unified and scalable SMARC EVK platform makes it easy for customers to evaluate their products quickly and expand their product lineup by changing the CPU-embedded modules.

By Ryu Miki, Principal Specialist -- 2021-10

Renesas ISL81801/81802 got 2021 21ic Top10 Power Product award. The selection of 21ic Top10 Power Product has been successfully held for 18 years. After thousands of votes by engineers across the network and intense review by 21ic editors, winning this award means that it represents the highest level of power products. Also thank the market and customers for their support and affirmation of our products!

By 李伟, 工业和通信产品事业部,高级业务发展经理 -- 2021-10

An overview of the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) specification release 5.3 and the value those new features will bring to Renesas customers and their next-generation designs.

By Daniel Smolinski, Senior Manager -- 2021-10

The Renesas Ready Partner Network makes it simple to find and integrate solutions tailored to your requirements. The program supports the Renesas RA, RX & RL78 MCUs providing coverage across all mainstream Renesas MCUs from 8-32 bits.

By Kaushal Vora, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Ecosystem -- 2021-10
"I want to use AI in embedded systems, but I have trouble with ROM/RAM size restrictions." We often hear these concerns. On September 30th, we released e-AI Translator V2.1.0, which is ideal for solving these problems. By supporting the AI trained model with 8bit quantization of "TensorFlow Lite", the ROM/RAM usage of the neural network can be reduced.
By Toshiyuki Syo, Principal Engineer -- 2021-10

After introducing 10BASE-T1S and CAN XL in a previous post we will take a deeper look how both protocols could be used in a system and what is necessary to connect CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S to a IVN backbone. Based on a demonstration system prepared by Renesas running a gateway application for CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S we could break down the tasks performed in a gateway and measure the processing time for each of it.  Knowing that gateways are complex components already in today’s systems optimization proposals are made, discussed and the effect on processing time are measured and visualized.

By Thorsten Hoffleit, Senior Manager -- 2021-10

介绍基于全新入门级 RA 系列 RA2E2 单片机组的 I3C 接口,适用于 DDR5 DIMM LED 控制应用。

By Cheng Ping Chan, 主管工程师 -- 2021-10

在本文中,我们将介绍 Smart Configurator 工具的新电路板功能。此功能将帮助您选择与您的瑞萨电路板完美配合的软件组件(即中间件和驱动程序)。

By Leonard Kong, Manager -- 2021-10

In this blog, we will explain how Renesas contributes with the new R-Car S4 based chipset to a smarter E/E architecture in the Automotive market.

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-10

We introduce how to extract the parameter of the user own motor by using the Tuner function of Renesas Motor Workbench with RA6T1, followed by an explanation how to fill the gathered parameters into the sample program and explain the basic functions of the encoder FOC sample program.

By Takeo Mimura, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-10