An inverter is used to convert DC power to the AC power used in an electric vehicle motor. The Renesas xEV inverter solution maximizes the HEV/EV motor performance, motor parameter calibration tool and practical inverter hardware designs using a combination of microcontrollers, power management ICs, gate driver ICs, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and fast recovery diodes (FRD).

System Benefits

  • Practical inverter specification for xEV 100kW class motors
  • Reference solution kit, including inverter reference designs, software, model base designs, and calibration tools
  • Function and performance verified through Renesas' motor bench, dedicated engineering support
  • 3.9L compact volume through highly integrated products and temperature management
  • Superior power efficiency, with 99% maximum inverter efficiency
  • Function is already proven in real car demos
  • High accuracy sensor error correction features

xEV Inverter Reference Board

xEV Inverter Reference Board

A reference solution kit including software is available to help customers easily start development and reduce the total lead time.

System Block Diagram

xEV Inverter Reference Solution