Time of Flight (ToF) Distance Measurement Evaluation Kit - Cat Shark


The ISL29501-CS-EVKIT1Z is a distance measurement reference design consisting of an optical board and a controller board. It combines the ISL29501 chip with an OSRAM SFH 4550 IR emitting LED and OSRAM SFH 213FA photo-diode. The two circuit boards are connected together with a flat flex cable. Included is a USB flash drive containing the evaluation software for a PC and related technical documents.

The ISL29501-CS-EVKIT1Z kit also allows quick evaluation of the ISL29501 performance for a 5m sensing system.

Key Features

  • Self contained measurement system
  • Enables proximity detection and distance measurement
  • Emitter DAC with programmable current up to 255mA
  • Operates in continuous or single shot mode
  • On-chip active ambient light rejection
  • Regulated power 2.7V to 3.3V USB or external supply
  • I2C interface supporting 1.8V and 3.3V bus
  • Small size 38mm x 20mm


  • Mobile consumer applications
  • Industrial proximity sensing
  • Home automation

 ISLI2UEV1Z Controller Board

ISLI2UEV1Z Controller Board

ISL29501-CS1Z Optics Board Top

ISL29501-CS1Z Optics Board Top


ISL29501-CS1Z Optics Board Bottom

ISL29501-CS1Z Optics Board Bottom

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