The R2A20133D controls a boost converter to provide an active power factor correction. The R2A20133D adopts critical conduction mode for power factor correction and realizes high efficiency and a low switching noise by zero current switching. Because the zero current is detected by using the GND current, the ZCD Auxiliary winding is unnecessary. The feedback loop open detection, two mode overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection are built in the R2A20133D, and can constitute a power supply system of high reliability with few external parts.


  • Absolute Maximum Ratings Supply voltage Vcc: 24 V Junction temperature Tj: –40 to +150°C
  • Electrical characteristics UVLO operation start voltage VH: 9.5 V ± 0.7 V UVLO operation shutdown voltage VL: 8.5 V ± 0.4 V UVLO hysteresis voltage Hysuvl: 1.0 V ± 0.4 V
  • Functions Boost converter control with critical conduction mode Two mode overvoltage protection and OVP2 Mode 1: Dynamic OVP corresponding to a voltage rise by load change Mode 2: Static OVP corresponding to overvoltage in stable. OVP2: OVP2 senses the PFC output voltage by independence pin. Feedback loop, open detection Overcurrent protection Dynamic UVP corresponding to a voltage fall by load change Frequency limiter, adjustable Zero Current Detect (ZCD) delay time, adjustable CS pin's open detection Package lineup: Pb-free SOP-8 (JEDEC)


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