The P9030 “Qi” evaluation board serves to demonstrate the features and performance of the 9030 wireless power charging solution for base stations with a TX-A1 coil transmitter. The board has been certified by an independent WPC testing facility for “Qi” compliance. The intuitive top-level layout and control switches simplify the user experience to emphasize the impressive level of integration and abundance of useful features that this device offers.

The device is powered by a 19V DC power adapter, and GUI (graphical user interface) software with a USB Type B cabled dongle board is provided to monitor and control the evaluation board. The evaluation board utilizes an external EEPROM which contains Tx firmware to enable programmability. The external EEPROM memory chip is pre-programmed with a standard start-up program that is automatically loaded when 19V power is applied. The EEPROM can be reprogrammed to suit the needs of your specific application using the 9030 software tool. The MAIN tab of the software tool provides real time plots of coil current, PWM frequency, and duty cycle, including different states of the microcontroller and FOD (foreign object detection). The core layout is a 4-layer Cadence Allegro reference that can be copied and integrated into a larger system design.


  • “Qi”Compliant Reference design
  • Low-cost 4-layer PCB with 1 oz. copper traces
  • Fully assembled with test points and stand-offs
  • Single input operation with micro-USB
  • USB to I2C hardware converter for PC connectivity
  • EEPROM to store and load start-up script/firmware
  • Software tool to monitor operation, settings control and R/W EEPROM
  • 19V DC power adapter input
  • LED status indicators for most inputs and outputs
  • 5W output power


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IDTP9030 Evaluation Board Manual v2.5 マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 6.49 MB
IDTP9030 GUI Software v1.0.0.11 ソフトウェア ZIP 9.84 MB
IDTP9030 Evaluation Board Schematic v1.2 回路図 PDF 42 KB
IDTP9030 Evaluation Board BOM v1.2 その他 XLSX 26 KB
IDTP9030 Evaluation Board v1.2 Gerber Files その他 ZIP 277 KB
IDTP9030 Qi Compliance Certificate その他 PDF 232 KB