IDT Europe GmbH is located in Dresden, Germany, European Union. It is the location of IDT’s automotive headquarters, including its automotive management and automotive & industrial business group. It is a legal entity under German law owned by IDT Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. IDT Europe GmbH is the “Automotive Center of Excellence” and is IATF16949 certified for automotive product development as well as backend manufacturing.

It also develops products for industrial and consumer applications, which have the potential to be migrated for automotive applications. It offers ISO 26262 product development and AEC-Q100 compliant product qualification. Its IDT Automotive Test Competence Center (ATCC) serves as Safe Launch and Maturity Ramp-Up Centre and is part of IDT's dual-source supply offering. To this end, IDT Malaysia’s Automotive Test Floor (ATF) in Penang is teaming up with IDT Europe as a customer for automotive backend manufacturing.

Company Facts

  • Founded as MBO: 2000
  • Employees: Approximately 300 in Germany
  • Headquarters: Dresden (also the European IDT HQ)
  • Design Offices: Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich
  • Status: Legal entity under German law as a full subsidiary of IDT, Inc.
  • Core Expertise: Automotive development, qualification and test manufacturing