The ZL6105 is a digital power controller with integrated MOSFET drivers. Auto compensation eliminates the need for manual compensation design work. Adaptive performance optimization algorithms improve power conversion efficiency.


Hello. My name is Chance Dunlap and welcome to APEC 2012. This year we'll be demonstrating the Zilker Labs Digital Power Controller products from Intersil. The key product we'll be showing today is the ZL6105. This product is a single phase DC/DC converter that's based off of a digital controller. The key applications for it will be typical point of load applications, where you're converting from a 12V or 5V rail down to low voltages for embedded applications, telecommunications and the computing space.

So the digital controller's ability to integrate all the components that get used for digital analytic converters such as resistors for frequency setting, compensation. It has a very small footprint. So the actual external components are shown here in the white outline. The key features of a ZL6105 is it's a controller that is geared for up to 50A, but has ability to up all the compensation. So you get very small compact controller, tiny space but with no external components needed for compensation. So the device can dynamically adjust on the fly to any changes as a result of temperature, humidity, aging of components.

One of the advantage of the digital controllers is entire interface for setting up, configuring the device is all done through a GUI. So with the software control you have ability to power up and change all your settings. So as I apply power to the board, you can instantly see with the monitoring, we have a condition where we have a 12-board input with a 2.5V output and right now no load. But all the settings are now instantly configurable through the screen. Whether you wanted to have a test board set up delays, different upward voltages for margining conditions, and even the temperature to cycle and switching frequency are all monitored and reported. Therefore at any instance you have full control over what's occurring with the power supply and the ability to adapt to it as needed for the system control.