This video gives an overview of the R-IN32M3 series of Industrial Ethernet Controller. The R-IN32M3 series of Industrial Ethernet Controller is designed to support a broad range of industrial Ethernet protocols. Optimized integration options, emphasis on low power design and a high level of integration make it a very powerful, compact, power-optimized device with a low overall bill of material cost. Smart integration of dedicated hardware accelerators allows it to offer significantly more processing power for applications than similar CPU designs without such accelerators.

Key features:

  • Arm® Cortex®-M3 based CPU subsystem clocked at 100MHz clock, 5-10 times faster on Ethernet Packet Processing thanks to HW offload engines
  • Hardware offload engines take significant load from the main CPU
  • Hardware Real-time OS Accelerator (HW-RTOS)
  • Hardware Ethernet Accelerators (IP/TCP/UDP Check Sum, Header ENDEC, Buffer manager)
  • 1.3 Mbytes of on-chip RAM
  • 2-port Real-Time Gigabit Switch, supports cut-through and store & forward operating modes as well as IEEE1588 PTP and Device-Level-Ring (DLR) protocols
  • EtherCAT and CC-Link IE Field slave controller in hardware, best in Class performance
  • CANopen/DeviceNet and CC-Link fieldbuses on-chip
  • Lots of peripherals and GPIOs
  • Many 3rd party protocols available