Dr. Michael Ohletz discusses automotive quality at IDT.

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Welcome to IDT and welcome to the Automotive Center of Excellence at IDT Europe. I'm Michael Ohletz, the vice president of IDT's corporate automotive quality and I'm located at IDT'S European headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Today, I would like to talk about IDT's automotive quality. 
With the acquisition of ZMDI in December 2015, IDT also acquired the automotive business and the automotive quality strategy. But even more important are the key people that implemented this strategy successfully during past decades. That, ensuring continuity for the automotive business and its long term customers, as well as new customers. Only recently, IDT Europe was ITO-16949 certified, or should I say successfully re-certified as for the automotive team it's not the first time. This certification is for the development and manufacturing of integrated mixed-signal circuits, which IDT considers mandatory as an automotive tier 2 product supply partner in this industry. This clearly not only validates IDT Europe as an Automotive Center of Excellence with the know how to develop and manufacture automotive products but we at IDT believe it also demonstrates the right quality mindset of the overall automotive team, something we have heard from our customer feedback as well. 
Customer feedback is of essential importance to IDT and all our teams are carefully listening to the customer specific requirements through audits, customer visits, and also what customers put out on their web pages - a very valuable source of information to meet customer expectations. But IDT also listens carefully to its supply partners, as they are leading experts in their fields of manufacturing excellence. And IDT, of course, verifies this in the course of regular VDA 6.3 onsite audits. Only A supplies, with a rating better than 90 percent are accepted as proved supply partners to IDT automotive. With the introduction of functional safety and autonomous driver assistance systems, ADAS, the reliability of product has become even key in development and manufacturing. To this end IDT Europe launched our specific technology reliability monitoring program for its 180 nanometer technology back in 2013. Today this program has acquired around 10 billion device hours and achieved a FIT rate of 0.18 and without any confirmed technology [inaudible 00:02:42] failures. This program is essential to all safety relevant automotive products and it is the basis for the commitment on the Automotive Safety Integrity Level, ASIL. The program not only covers the high temperature but also low temperature, a customer specific requirement we received some time ago. 
Today, several automotive products are in development and are already in ramp up. To support those product developments, IDT pursued a quality building strategy for products and processes, as well as strives for manufacturing excellence. If a product or a process is not automotive capable from the very beginning it cannot be fixed later on. Many quality contracts talk about 0 PPM targets. We at IDT believe that customers are looking for zero incident products, independent of the shipped volume. Thus, at IDT Europe's Automotive Center of Excellence we strive to have no parts coming back, neither from the field nor from the OEM, nor from the manufacturing lines of our [inaudible 03:45] customers. A tough target, but achievable. That's why IDT continuously works on its quality improvement programs together with its global supply partners. Come and visit IDT Europe. Thank you. And IDT automotive – driving quality.